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Understanding the Difference - Proficiency vs High Score Reports

  • High Score Report is a snapshot of the highest achieved grade (A-Star) targeted at student motivation.

  • Proficiency Report is a form of cumulative real-time scoring system, whereby data is derived from multiple sources (Daily Challenge, Mission, Homework, Tests/Assessments). As such, it gives us the ability to track knowledge decay and ensure knowledge retention across the different skills.

Error Analyses via the Assignment Tracking System

  • In the Track Assignment tab, you will see all the assignments that you have created and assigned to students.

  • Click on Open to view the breakdown and performance statistics of the students who have completed the homework.

  • The pie chart above each question allows you to easily interpret how well did the students do overall.

  • Click on the pie chart to see a detailed error analysis. For instance, how many students answered the question correctly / wrongly, what answers the students gave etc.

Discover Teaching Videos

Tutorial Videos

  • Video catalogue is accessible via the video tutorials tab.

  • Tutorial videos cover all skills and all topics.