KooBits Portal Key Features


About Achievements

Note: The Achivements page in the new portal is currently under maintenance. Please visit the existing portal (problemsums.koobits.com) to see your achivements collection. Achievements are your virtual trophies based earned from the various KooBits challenges. Click on Achievements icon on the top right of Challenge page to see all your unlocked trophies.

Hero's Badge

You can unlock a Hero's Badge by earning 15 CPs in a day. Access your Hero's Badge collection by clicking on the date icon as shown:

Top Brain

Note: As we are still revamping the Achivements page in the new portal, do visit the existing portal (problemsums.koobits.com) to see the entirety of your achivements collection. A student can earn the Top Brain Achievement by earning 2000 CPs or more within the quarter.

Quarterly scoring periods:

Quarter 1: 1st January to 31st March
Quarter 2: 1st Apr to 30th June
Quarter 3: 1st Jul to 30th September
Quarter 4: 1st Oct to 31st December


Note: As we are still revamping the Achivements page in the new portal, do visit the existing portal (problemsums.koobits.com) to see your achivements collection. Superhero achievements can only be unlocked by users who have earned the Super Hero title. You can unlock the Super Hero title by achieving 200 challenge points or more.

  • Earn 250 vision score points from Vision Challenge in a week to unlock the Super Vision achievement.
  • Earn 100 speed score points from Speed Challenge in a week to unlock the Super Brain achievement.
  • Earn 100 challenge points in a week to unlock the Super Brain achievement
  • The red bubble represents the number of times each challenge have been completed on a weekly basis. These points are summed together to obtain the Superhero points.

Champion Class

Unlock this achievement by earning at least 5000 Challenge Points (CPs) on a monthly basis.


You will be able to unlock these achievements as a Top Winner for each of the activity.


Brain Games

There are six areas in Brain Games: Attention, Memory, Flexibility, Problem Solving, Speed and Adventure. Rules:

  • Brain Games opens from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day.
  • Maximum play time in a day is 25 minutes; time will start running once you start playing any game and will automatically lock you out after you have hit the 25-minute mark.
  • Each game requires 1 KoKo Credit to play.

Story Math

StoryMath follows the adventures of Miko the Fox. Join Miko as she traverse the different floating islands, applying Math concepts along the way to overcome to obstacles she faces. These short and entertaining stories show that Maths can be applied in a fun and exciting way too. Each chapter can be unlocked with 20 KoKo credits.

KooBits Book Club

KooBits Book Club shows you the other active readers who are part of the StoryMath community. Click on the individual bubbles to view the user's BFF code, which you can use to add the user as a friend in Best Friends Forever.


What is KooBits Leaderboard?

You may appear on different leaderboards based on the Challenge Points (CPs) you have accumulated. KooBits Leaderboard Privacy Terms IMPORTANT NOTICE – PLEASE READ CAREFULLY By earning any point(s) from KooBits Challenges, you agree to KooBits Leaderboard Privacy Terms that some of your information, such as name, class or school etc, may be displayed on some public leaderboard(s) if you or your class is in the top 50. You can opt out of any leaderboard at any time, by contacting your school teacher or asking your parent to email us at support@koobits.com directly.

Hero of the Day

  • Hero of the Day leaderboard is a daily activity in which cumulative challenge points earned by a student within a single day will be counted towards the Hero of the Day leaderboard.
  • If two students have the same points, the one that achieved the total CPs earlier will be ranked higher.
  • The student with most points among all schools within a country will enter Hall of Fame.

Top Brain

Top Brain is a termly activity. Top Brain computes a student's total challenge points earned from the beginning of a quarter to the last day of the same quarter.

Termly scoring periods:

Term 1: 4 Jan to 26 Feb 2021
Term 2: 22 Mar to 14 May 2021
Term 3: 28 Jun - 20 Aug 2021
Term 4: 13 Sep - 29 Oct 2021

If two students have the same challenge points, the one that achieved the points earlier will be ranked higher. Please note that there is two categories for Singapore Top Brain Awards: School & Individual. Learn more here: https://www.koobits.com/awards/topbrain/

Champion Class

Champion Class (CC) is a monthly activity.

Each month, each class can earn different Champion Class titles under Achievements.

  • CC counts the CPs earned by the top 20 students from a class in a particular month.
  • If two classes have the same CPs, the one that achieved earlier will be ranked higher.

Here are the required CPs for different Champion Class titles:

Best Friends Forever

Best Friends Forever (BFF) is a weekly activity.

Each week, the BFF group with the most Challenge Points (CPs) will be the best BFF of the week.
  • You can invite up to 30 friends
  • Your group will be named as “[Your Name] & friends”
  • The accumulative CPs of the week earned by all your friends in your friends list will be added together and counted towards your group’s overall points


Superhero Leaderboard is a weekly activity exclusive to those with Super Hero titles.

  • Superheroes can earn points from Super Speed and Super Vision.
  • Super Score of the Week will combine all the points earned from Super Speed, Super Vision and Challenge Points for the week.
  • Super Heroes are ranked on the exclusive Superhero Leaderboard based on their weekly Super Score.

Zodiac Race

Zodiac Race is an annual activity.
Contest Period: 1st May to 31st May

  • You will be assigned to different zodiac team based on your birthday.
  • The team with highest CPs will win

Boys vs Girls

Boys vs Girls (BVG) is an annual activity.
Contest Period: 1st June to 30th July

  • All the boys will form one team and challenge all the girls in another team
  • The team with highest CPs will win
  • Team's total score will be hidden during blackout period from 20th July 12 noon to 27th July 12 noon Singapore time. Scores will still be counted during the blackout period, so keep submitting.

Wizard School

Wizard School is an annual activity.

Contest Period: 1st August to 30th September

  • Wizard School is an inter-school competition.
  • Only the top 250 pupils’ CPs will be added to determine the school’s overall points.
  • The school with highest CPs will win the competition.

Lion City

Lion City is an annual activity.
Contest Period: 1st December to 31st December

  • Choose your team to join. Switching teams is not allowed after selection.
  • The team with highest CPs will win.
  • 100 KoKo credits will be issued to 1st place winners from each team.
  • 50 KoKo credits will be issued to 2nd & 3rd place winners from each team.
  • Top 3 from the winning team will be issued certificates.


How does Mission work?

All topics in each level are on the left navigation menu, and all skills under selected topic are listed by difficulty level from easy to hard. Click any skill to either watch tutorial video or start Practice. You must answer 10 questions correctly in a skill to unlock rewards of various KoKo Credits. You'll see each skill's progress towards unlocking rewards in the Skill List.

What is Mission?

Mission - also known as Self-practice - is a place where you can initiate self-directed learning. Choose from a variety of topics and practice continuously to improve specific skills.


Daily Challenge

  • Operating Hours: 6.00 a.m. - 10.00 p.m. Monday to Saturday
  • Every day, KooBits will issue 10 new questions in Daily Challenge.
  • Earn up to 17 Challenge Points upon the completion of all the questions in Daily Challenge.
  • Click on the Difficulty Settings icon to select your difficulty level
  • You can select the difficulty of Daily Challenge based on your all-time total CPs earned.
Attempting Daily Challenge questions
  • If an answer is submitted wrongly, you can always re-try the question.
  • You have unlimited tries.
  • If the skill of the question has a video tutorial attached , you can view the video tutorial after the wrong submission.
  • Click on "Show Answer" to see the solution to the question.
  • However, the question will be considered "Skipped" and no CP will be awarded.

Peer Challenge

Each student can complete 3 peer challenges every day. Opens daily from 6.00 am to 10.00 pm local time Step 1: Select an opponent you wish to challenge. There are 3 options: Option 1: Select one of the last 3 opponents (if any) Option 2: Select one of the school mates (must be from the same level) Option 3: Select a random opponent Step 2: Do the challenge questions! There are a total of 5 questions and the results will be shown immediately after submission. How many challenge points do I get to earn? You will earn challenge points (CPs) based on the number of questions you and your opponent has correctly answered. If your opponent has already done the challenge, the CP will be calculated immediately. Otherwise, CP will be calculated and added once your opponent has done the challenge or when the challenge expires.

The points that you can earn are as follows:

Sunday Mini Challenge

  • Every Sunday, there will be 10 standardised questions accessible from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. local time.
  • You earn 2 challenge points (CPs) for every correct answer (max 20 CPs claimable).
  • The results will be given on the following Monday, and challenge points can be claimed any day from the following Monday to Friday from 6.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. local time.

SuperHero Challenge

Super Hero Challenge is a set of challenges exclusive to users with the Super Hero title.

  • Any user who has accumulated 100 Challenge Points (CPs) becomes a Super Hero.

  • As a Super Hero, you can access the Super Hero Challenge from the main Challenge page to attempt the exclusive Super Hero challenges.

  • Two types of challenges: Super Speed and Super Vision

  • Both challenges are accessible daily from 6.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.

  • Each game can only be attempted once daily

  • Earn special Super hero points which will be totalled for the Super Score of the Week

  • Super hero points will be used to determine users' ranking on the exclusive Superhero Leaderboard

Scoring System:

  • Speed Challenge: 1 Super hero points for each question answered correctly

  • Vision Challenge: 10 Super hero points for each unused life.

Best Friends Forever

Best Friends Forever (BFF) is a weekly activity.

How does it work?

  • Each user has a unique BFF code
  • You can send a BFF request using your friend's BFF code.
  • Choose either to accept or decline received BFF requests
  • You can invite up to 30 friends
  • The total CPs for the week earned by all your friends in your friends list will be added together and counted towards your group’s overall points
  • The BFF group with the most Challenge Points (CPs) will be the best BFF of the week.


Who can assign you individual assignments?

Teacher Homework: Your teacher may assign homework to you from time to time; KooBits Homework: Every month KooBits automatically assigns four homework to you, which is optional for you to complete; Parent Homework: If you have an individual learning plan, your parent will be able to create personalised homework for you as well!

Earning KoKo Credits from Assignments

If you complete your homework assignment with a perfect score (100%), you will earn 5 KoKo Credits*. Eligible assignments:
- Teacher Assignment, or
- KooBits Assignment, or
- Parent Assignment (min. 5 questions) To claim KoKo Credits, navigate to the assignment list, click View Solution, then click Claim KoKo Credits now! link. *You can earn a maximum of 50 Koko credits in a month.

How to create personalized assignment for your child

Parents, good news! You can now create personalized assignments for your child as long as he/she has an individual learning plan. Steps to create and assign:

For Premium Users: Go to Practice to learn > Assignment > Create Personalised Assignment

For Plus/Standard Users: Go to Assignment > Create Personalised Assignment

Next, choose Syllabus, Level, Topic and Skill to create new assignments. Add Homework Title and Deadline then click Assign Now.

KoKo Credits

Introducing KoKo Credits

KoKo Credits is a virtual credit system in KooBits. It can be used to exchange for rewards, e.g. unlocking the latest StoryMath chapters, unlocking past stickers in album, and unlocking any brain games. To check for the KoKo Credits earned and spent recently, go to Dashboard and click on the KoKo credit icon. There, you'll see the details of all your credits on a monthly or quarterly basis based on the selected period in the drop down bar.

Difference between KoKo Credits and Challenge Points

Challenge Points (CPs) are cumulative. It is a reward system that affects the level of your ranking in leaderboards. CPs can only be earned by completing questions in the Daily Challenge segment. For example: Any challenge points obtained are directly added to your overall points, and this affects your ranking in various leaderboards (e.g. Hero of the Day, Top Brain etc.) On the other hand, KoKo Credits are consumable. It is a reward system that aims to improve your learning experience. For example: KoKo Credits earned can be spent on unlocking premium features, such as StoryMath chapters, which enables the learning of mathematics through comics.

4 ways to earn KoKo credits

(1) Daily Bonus You can make your daily bonus KoKo credit claim between 6.00 a.m. and 10.00 p.m. How does it work? 1st day login - 1 KoKo Credit 2nd day login - 2 KoKo Credits 3rd day login (and for every subsequent consecutive login) - 3 KoKo Credits *If you fail to log in on consecutive days, the KoKo credit you can claim will reset to 1 KoKo Credit per day. **Bonus KoKo Credit is NOT automatically assigned; you MUST click on the Claim KoKo Credits button daily to make your daily KoKo Credits claim. (2) Assignments If you complete your homework assignment with a perfect score (100%), you will earn 5 KoKo Credits*. Eligible homework assignments are: - Teacher Homework, or - KooBits Homework, or - Parent Homework** (min. 5 questions) *You can earn up to a maximum of 50 Koko credits in a month. ** Please access the existing portal to create Parent Homework. (3) Mission / Self Practice From the Mission List View, you can earn KoKo Credits after the completion of 10 questions. Once 10 questions in a skill have been completed, you'll have a chance to unlock a mystery box to earn a random number of KoKo credits. (4) Challenge If you complete your 10 Daily Challenge questions without skipping any question, you can earn KoKo Credits according to your daily challenge difficulty level*. - Elementary Challenge: 1 KoKo Credits - Intermediate Challenge: 2 KoKo Credits - Advanced Challenge: 3 KoKo Credits - Master Challenge: 4 KoKo Credits * There is no KoKo Credits awarded to Customized Challenge.

Challenge Points

How to earn Challenge Points?

  • Earn Challenge Points by completing Daily Challenge, Peer Challenge or Sunday Mini Challenge
  • Challenge Points accumulated will be used in the computation of your ranking in the various Leaderboards (Hero of the Day, Top Brain etc)


High Score Report

The High Score report showcases the number of A stars you have earned on an individual skill level. To earn an A star, you will need to answer at least 9 out of the 10 questions correctly.

Proficiency Report

  • Proficiency Report is a form of cumulative real-time scoring system
  • Data is derived from multiple sources ( i.e. Daily Challenge, Mission, Homework, Tests/Assessments).
The 4 scoring tiers are as follows: Mastery: Proficiency 80-100 Competent: Proficiency 60-79 Beginning: Proficiency 0-59 Incomplete: Question < 10


What is KooQuiz?

  • KooQuiz is the most comprehensive library of Maths & Science quizzes.
  • KooQuiz is a platformb to Premium Plan users to do Maths & Science papers depending on the plan the user is in.
  • There will be Maths papers from P1 to P6 level and Science papers from P3 to P6.
  • There is no limit on how many papers a user can attempt. However, a user can only earn the rewards in the form of Koko Credits once per week.
  • Once the weekly reward has been claimed, a user can still attempt other papers but would not be able to claim any more credits until the following week.

How can I get KooQuiz?

KooQuiz is exclusively available to Premium plan users.
School users may upgrade to the Premium plan through www.koobits.com/kooquiz.
For more information about KooQuiz, please visit https://www.koobits.com/kooquiz.

How many papers are there in KooQuiz?

KooQuiz Science Top School papers: 20 papers each for P3 to P5 (total 60 papers), 18 papers for P6 KooQuiz Math Revision papers: 10 papers each for P1 to P6 (total 60 papers) KooQuiz Math Top School papers: 10 papers each for P1 to P6 (total 60 papers) For more information about KooQuiz, please visit https://www.koobits.com/kooquiz.

What rewards can I earn from KooQuiz?

  • User can earn Koko Credits by doing the papers. The amount of rewards earned depends on the type of paper attempted and the number of correct answers submitted for the paper.
  • User can only earn rewards once a week, and once per paper.
  • User will get a “KoKo Gift Bag” when he/she completes a Maths Revision Paper, which contains a maximum of 5 KoKo Credits per bag, depending on scores.
  • User will get a “KoKo Gift Box” when he/she completes a Maths / Science Top School Paper, which contains a maximum of 20 KoKo Credits.
  • There will be 1 new KoKo Gift Bag and 1 new Gift Box per week per user.
    Both Gift Bag and Box are issued on Sunday at 6 am, and they will expire next Saturday at 10pm.

What are topics covered in KooBits Science papers?


  • Life cycles of plants and animals
  • Cycles in Matter
  • Reproduction in plants and animals
  • Water cycle
  • Magnetic force
  • Living and Non-Living Things (Animals, Plants, Fungi and Bacteria)
  • Materials
  • Human system (Digestive system)
  • Plant system (Plant parts and functions)
  • Plant transport system
  • Electrical system
  • Human Respiratory & circulatory systems
  • Cells
  • Light and shadows
  • Heat
  • Energy and the Sun, Forms and uses of Energy, Sources of Energy, Photosynthesis
Sample Science Question & Answer Please visit https://www.koobits.com/kooquiz to understand what are the topics covered for the Science papers.

Help with KooBits Portals

Minimum version required to access KooBits learning portal

Our learning portals are optimised for use with the following minimum versions respectively: - iOS 10
- Edge v14
- Chrome v42
- Firefox v39
- Opera v29
Internet Explorer (IE) is not supported Do note that we recommend using web browser as we do not fully support mobile version currently. Feel free to contact us anytime if you have further enquries | Email: support@koobits.com


What is KooClass?

KooClass is a series of interactive virtual classes to help kids, aged 6-12 years, learn about real-world applications of math topics taught in school.

With KooClass, kids can relate Math to their every-day life, and see examples of how to apply it to the world around them.

• Learn about time by creating a birthday party invite
• Learn about fractions by planning & shopping for a picnic with friends
• Learn about mass by measuring ingredients to bake a cake.
• Learn about lines and shapes by exploring famous monuments around the world.
• Learn about symmetry by designing a quilt

KooClass can also be accessed anytime, anywhere, on-demand, on your schedule.

How long is the duration for each KooClass?

Each KooClass is about 40 mins long, and covers a portion of a math topic (e.g. Fractions, Time etc). In each class, kids watch an educational / documentary-style video, get hands-on practice with an interactive segment (questions, assignments or activities for kids to do) and unlock achievements after completing the class.

How many classes are there in KooClass?

In total, we have 100+ classes, with over 90 hours of educational lessons for kids to be meaningfully engaged with. New classes will be added every week.

How are KooClass classes taught?

Classes are arranged by topics, and each topic has 5-6 classes. The topics are agnostic of a child's current school grade level, which means that if they get interested in a particular topic, they could end up doing all the classes in that topic, and even learn more than what’s required for school.

KooClass is taught by friendly and lovable characters - a fresh way to learn compared to teacher-led zoom classes.

The classes also serve to help kids open their minds to absorb more information, and in this way they retain more knowledge than even in the classroom. 70% retention of knowledge, compared to just 30% in the classroom.

Which levels are KooClass suitable for?

KooClass is suitable for children from ages 6-12, covering all primary levels. You can find the recommended age-ranges for each lesson on the thumbnails as shown in the image below. Please note that the age-ranges are only a recommendation. The goal of KooClass is to enrich kids' learning beyond the standard school curriculum and foster a genuine interest in learning. Hence, we encourage kids to pick and learn from whichever KooClass sounds most interesting to them.

How can I get KooClass?

KooClass is available for Premium Plan users and can be found on the homepage of the student portal. If you are a Standard Plan or School Plan subscriber, you may wish to upgrade to Premium to access KooClass. Simply visit our pricing page (www.koobits.com/plans).

I am an existing Premium user. Do I get KooClass automatically?

Yes! Existing Premium Plan users only need to login to member.koobits.com and this feature will be available.

My child is a School Plan user and I want to upgrade to Premium (and yet still be able to access features in school plan). Can I do so?

Existing School Plan users have the option to upgrade to Premium Plan by paying an upgrade fee. Simply click on 'Upgrade School to Premium' on our plans page under School Plan.

Once upgrade is complete, your child will have the option to toggle between the school and premium account after logging in to member.koobits.com.

My child is a Premium Plan user. When we login, we do not see the KooClass feature. Why is it so?

Your child could be logging in at https://problemsums.koobits.com/. Please log at member.koobits.com.

I do not have enough KoKo credits to unlock the KooClass lessons

Your child can practice questions in Mission (self-practice) or assignment to get more KoKo credits. Find out more on how to earn KoKo credits here: https://support.koobits.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360040687271-Where-to-earn-KoKo-Credits-

I realise I earned scrolls after attempting questions in KooClass. What are the scrolls for?

Think of it as credits. They represent mastery, and can be used when we launch more cool features in the future. Do stay tuned!