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If you're new to KooBits, you must first know that the KooBits platform is essentially driven by 2 main reward systems - namely, Challenge Points (CPs) & KoKo Credits.

Earn CPs - Daily Challenge Walkthrough


Challenge Points (CPs) - as the name suggests - are earned by completing a variety of unique and exciting challenges that you can find all across the KooBits platform.


For a start, however, we recommend kickstarting your CP-earning journey with Daily Challenges - a segment where you get a fresh set of 10 challenges to earn points from, each and every day.

Each challenge is of a varying difficulty level and earns you a different amount of CPs.

We invite you to click on the video above to very quickly find out how Daily Challenges work, as well as how you can go about earning your CPs along with other interesting rewards on a daily basis!

Earn KoKo Credits - Mission Walkthrough


Next up, learn how to earn KoKo Credits with Mission!

KoKo Credits is the main currency used in KooBits, and can be used to unlock activities in Brain Games and StoryMath. 

For a start, after clicking on Mission, you will be able to see all the topics available on the left navigation bar for the level you have selected. 

For each topic, there are multiple skills sets that you can start practicing and earning KoKo credits from.

Click on the above video to find out how you can maximize the KoKo credits you earn via Mission!