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Quick Preview: Student Portal Key Features


Watch this to learn how you can help your students make the most out of the features available on our Student Portal!

  • Two reward systems: Challenge Points (CPs) & Koko credits

  • Daily Challenge: Four Options / Lifelines available - Show Answer / Next Question / Change Question / Try Again or Watch Video Tutorial

  • Peer Challenge: Accepting Challenges and Challenging peers

  • Leaderboards: Ranked based on students' CPs

  • Mission: Access skills based on topics across all levels

  • Learning assist tool bar: Add Working / Draw Model Tool / Four Operations Tool

Browse Content


Find out how to browse and navigate across the full range of exclusive content on the KooBits Teachers' Platform!

  • Topics are arranged by levels, and clicking into each topic will show you all the skills for the particular topic.

  • Click onto a skill to see all the list of questions available for a particular skill.

  • At the bottom of each question set, you will see Change Value stated there.

  • Click on Change Value to change the variables in the question.

  • Once you are done selecting the variation of the question you want, you can then click on Select and the question will go into your shopping cart.

  • You are able to select questions across different skill levels and topics.

Add to Cart


  • After you have selected the list of questions from Browse Content, proceed to Create & Assign.

  • The questions you have selected and added to cart will appear here. Once you are ready, click on Next.

  • After clicking Next, you will be prompted to title the worksheet.

  • KooBits provides 3 type of worksheet: Homework, Mock Test, and Test/assessment. Select the worksheet type that will be best suited for the students based on the options available in each worksheet type.

  • Thereafter, you can select the classes / students you intend to assign this homework set to.

Class Reports


  • There are two types of class reports available: Proficiency Report and High Score Report.

  • In each report, you can see how well the students from each specific class have performed.

  • Change the class you wish to view via the "Class/Group from" dropdown box.

  • “Report Level From” will display information if the students attempt questions that are of different grades (other than the grade that they are at). Eg. When a P1 student attempts P2 questions, information will be displayed if “P2” was selected in the “Report Level From” dropdown.

  • Teachers will most likely view the report based on class/group instead as it will show how well students perform for the questions based on their actual grade.

  • Proficiency report allows you to easily gather how much work each student is putting in, and to pinpoint the particular problem the student may need more help with.

  • On the other hand, the high score report allows you to easily see how many A stars each student from a class has earned.

  • Similarly, you can click into each student's name to see a breakdown of the topics the student has achieved the A stars from.

Multiple Curriculums

Under Browse Content, toggle between the preferred type of curriculum via the dropdown box.